Monday, August 14, 2017

Top 5 Dollarama Finds Teacher Finds + Flair Pen FREEBIE

Dollarama is my go-to place for inexpensive cards, decorations and glitter.  It is the last place I would think of to purchase quality school supplies for my classroom...until now.  Check out the loot I found at my local store this August.  If you are lucky, yours might stock the same goodies!
  Here are my Top 5 Finds for Teachers that you can snag for $4 each or less, and a quick and easy back-to-school gift for your staff/teacher besties because #flairpensbringjoy ;-)
NUMBER 5: Ten Special Edition Sharpie Markers (bonus: 2 metallic ones)
COST: $4.00
I use these guys on planners, name tags, book bags, posters, folders, etc. Like the slogan says above the box, "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH SHARPIE."  Teacher tip: if you want to remove Sharpie from a hard surface, use nail polish remover.
NUMBER 4: Chalkboard/Farmhouse Theme Magnetic Pencil Holder
COST: $2.50
I instantly fell in love with these and think they would be perfect to add to a chalk and/or white board.  Use them to store pencils, crayons, name tags, or white board markers where your students can (or can't!) reach them.
NUMBER 3: Googly Eyed Garbage Can Pencil Holders (with lids)
COST: $1.50
Are these the cutest things or what?  I love how they have attached lids as well.  I'm going to bring these out at the Guided Reading table and have one on hand stocked with supplies for any students that are going to work in the resource room or with a volunteer.
NUMBER 2: Emoji Erasers
COST: $1.25
Although you can't see them, there are poop erasers in this package, too. With a class full of boys this upcoming year, I'm guaranteed a few laughs as well as engagement when I pull these out.
NUMBER 1: Twelve Paper Mate Flair Pens
COST: $4.00
I spend an insane amount on Flair Pens each year at Target when I cross-border shop but now all I have to do is hop on over to Dollarama for these beauties.  They are the BEST pens EVER!  I grew up watching my Geography teaching Dad use them to mark and would often swipe them from his desk to use for myself.
Which got me thinking...if I love them so much then I bet my friends at school will as well.  And for less than $15, I can treat my entire staff to a Flair Pen as a back-to-school gift.  Every one loves finding a gift in their staff mailbox, right?
If you'd like to spread some joy and surprise your teacher BFFs, EAs, Admin or Support Staff at your school this September, grab this FREEBIE from my TPT store and get the special coloured paper out you've been saving for a special occassion.  Yep, we all do it ;-)

What's YOUR favourite Dollarama find?  I'd love to know.

Happy back-to-school time!