Monday, June 29, 2015

My Favourite Quote

There's one quote that I like to pull out of my hat every once and again.  I'm assuming I heard it from my Mom but I'm not sure.  I love using it with my students because optimism is a learned behaviour.

It is basically the typical extrovert's calling card and has never lead me astray.  And when I say never, I mean never.

Why is that?  Well quite simply...nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Since I didn't have what I wanted to begin with, I've got nothing to lose if I don't end up with it after trying to get it. Sure my pride might get hurt in the process or I might make a fool out of myself, but who cares?


Life is full of adventures and opportunities that far too many of us are afraid of trying.  I urge you to think about something you want and just GO FOR IT!

Here are a few easy suggestions to get you started :-)

The next time you need to pay a phone/magazine/newspaper bill, ask to see if there are any promotions or discounts available.  There almost ALWAYS are!

If you see something at a store that you really want but there's a scratch on it or the package has already been opened, ask if you can get a discount.  You almost ALWAYS can!

If you see a stranger wearing a dress/earrings/shoes that you love, compliment her and then ask her where she got it from.  She will almost ALWAYS be happy to share her sources!  Don't expect her to give them to you though, LOL.

Thank you Miss Monica for another fun link-up!  I look forward to learning some new quotes.


  1. I love that "Where the Magic Happens" image. We've got it posted in a few classrooms around the district. The quote you picked goes great with a growth mindset. I love how you found it on a shirt too!

  2. It's so hard to step out of our comfort zone sometimes, but you are right that is where the magic happens.
    Grade School Giggles

  3. Love your quote - a truly great one!

  4. Hi Bryn,

    What a great visual you have provided about where your comfort zone is in relation to where the magic is. This is absolutely the best representation of risk taking that I have ever seen! I just might have to steal it and use it in my classroom this September!

    Thanks again for linking up!