Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Camping We Will Go

Every year my family and I go camping at Long Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie in Ontario.  My Dad's side of the family used to camp there and my parents have been taking me ever since I was a baby.

Obviously, I had to keep up the tradition and bring my little one for his inaugural trip when he was 4 months old.  I might look happy in this picture but it's probably because we are just about to head home. That trip overwhelmed me to the point of tears. #sleepdeprivation #heatwave #mosquitoes

Long Point is famous for its long sandy beach and amazing campsites. One of our favourite things to do there is walk along the beach and look for sea glass and interesting shells.

My latest product, Camping Supplies: Adding Canadian Money to $1, was inspired by my summertime experiences.

It was a huge hit with my Grade 2s.  They loved pretending to go on a real adventure together.  And as my one student said, "Wow! These prices are AMAZING!"  If only a new fancy tent cost so little ;-)

My favourite part of the unit was when my students got to create and sell a "Custom Tent".

Considering most tents were under $1, it's safe to say all tents were sold.

This one is a bit scary for my liking (memories of Jurassic Park...yikes!)

Although I can't share my world famous roasted marshmallows with you, I can treat you to a few camping themed pages: Camping goodies just for you!

Are you an American teacher?  I have a USA coin & spelling version available in my store too!

Enjoy and if you wouldn't mind, please share your favourite campgrounds in the comment section. My parents travel all across North America with their RV and are always looking for hidden gems!

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  1. Go you! I could not imagine camping with a 4 month old. We will be flying with my baby who will be 8 months soon next month and I am freaking out! And we are staying with family.

    Literacy Spark