Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 items that mean the world to me

Every year my students visit a place called The Safety Village where they learn about fire safety.  It always gets me thinking about the possibility of my home burning down, however unlikely.  If I was inside, what would I grab before running out the door?
Obviously my children are my most precious gifts and my top priority so let's assume that they aren't home at the time because it goes without saying that I would save them before saving myself.
Would I stop and find something meaningful to me that I could save? Would you? (insert long pause and reflexion time, just like at school)

The truth is, I have 3 things that are extremely meaningful to me: my Nanny's engagement ring, my own engagement ring and a pillowcase my mother made for me before going to university.  I used it almost exclusively during those 5 years and then for an additional 3 years after that when I moved to France.  It's practically threadbare nowadays but I'll never part with it.

I had them all close to me on the most important day of my life which happened a little over 6 years ago. My son's birth.
When I suddenly went into labour 5 weeks early, and I didn't even have my overnight bag packed for the hospital yet, I took the time to grab the pillowcase with me before leaving the house.  My parents were out of the country at the time-darn those cheeky preemies for beating to their own drum!-but I was determined that my Mom would be at his birth. Since my fingers were so swollen during my pregnancy, I put my Nanny's ring on a necklace and wore it around my neck.  Not sure why I don't see it in this picture, but I had it with me for sure.  That's my cute stepson and proud new Daddy of son #2 with me.

Even though Miss Monica's link up this week wasn't meant to be a downer at all (like I'm turning this blog post into!) I really had to dig deep to think about what I value and what is meaningful to me.

On a lighter note, I want to give a special shout out to some other things that mean the world to me. In no particular favourite luxury purse, my Andrea Bocelli autograph in my France journal from 1996 that I got in the British Airways lounge before flying from Paris to London the day after he sang in the Miss France competition, the picture of me pulling a pint at the old Coronation Street set from last October, and my beloved cookbook collection.
Any other Andrea Bocelli fans out there? #lovethatalbum


  1. love your post - it's so lovely that you had all those things with you at the time! so special!

  2. Of course your kids are way more important than any things, but we all have those special things & I enjoyed reading about yours. My oldest was born while my mom was away too. She had planned to be in town for ten days ahead, but my little one had other plans just like yours.
    Grade School Giggles