Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why I started Blogging

Full disclosure-I've only had this blog for less than a year and I've only been blogging for about 2 weeks.  Before it's magical transformation by A Bird in Hand Designs, my blog was a hot mess.  I self taught myself to make one using online tutorials and spent hours and hours trying to figure out code.  That stuff is scary #truth

This week I'm linking up with Miss Monica over at I Heart Grade 3 because I've been pondering her topic of the week for months now, why do I blog?  Or, in my case, why do I want to blog?  So far I only have a few people actually following this blog (hint, hint!) but hundreds if you add up my Facebook and Instagram followers.  So I'm definitely not doing this to win a popularity contest.

Personally, I view blogging as a creative outlet.  And after all, writing is in my blood.  No kidding...

Ever heard of the name Bobbie Kalman before?  Yep, she's my mom's first cousin but I grew up calling her my aunt. I love her spirit, huge heart, generosity and laugh.  I could listen to her tell stories all day long.  I think it's a Hungarian thing.  Did I mention I'm 1/4 Hungarian? Sadly the oral retelling gift that my Mother and aunts have was not passed onto me.  I did, however, get a prominent jawbone and a vivid imagination so all is not lost.

Non-fiction books are Bobbie's specialty
A favourite of Grade 3 Ontario teachers

And you see that styling book below from the 80s?  It's dedicated to me.  If you've got a unique name like I do, you'll know how rare it is to see your name spelled correctly in print.  I still get goosebumps remembering how proud I was to show off this book to some mean kids at my elementary school. Too bad it's out of print otherwise I'd send each of my followers a copy ;-)

Coolest book ever in my humble opinion
Ready for more?  My aunt Constance Brissenden and uncle Larry Loyie are Norma Fleck Award Recipients!  My uncle was taken to a residential school as a small child.  He was brave enough to put his past down on paper for Canadian students to learn about it.  I highly recommend any of their books or inviting Wayne Spear, the co-author of their most recent book, to talk to your school, board or district.
Amazing read and visually stunning
I can't even think about uncle Larry's book, As Long as the Rivers Flow without starting to cry.  My uncle was just a sweet, innocent little boy who loved his family, just like my sons do. Again, search this book out and read it to your class and your own children.  Hard to believe this happened just a few generations ago in Canada.

2003 Norma Fleck Award Winner
Now that I have some "Blog Pride", I hope to blog on a regular basis. Maybe that will be once a week or once a month.  Who knows?  It's just nice to have a sparkly place waiting for me to share when the mood strikes.
I can't wait to read about why everyone else started blogging too.


  1. I haven't taken much time to really reflect on why I blog yet but Miss. Monica's link up may be the incentive I need. It seems that writing is in your blood Bryn! I love using Bobbi Kalman books when I am teaching non-fiction. I will definitely check out your uncle's book as well.

    Hanging Around In Primary

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Christina! Monica's link up came at the perfect time for me. Your local library should have a few of Larry's books. His newest one is amazing but heartbreaking to read.

  2. Very cool!! I have a pile of Bobbie Kalman's books! I absolutely love the new blog look! Now that you're planning to post more regularly you'll have to pop over and join me one week with an "Awesome" story! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. I can't wait to, Erin! I've been wanting to all year. Congrats on the TPT newsletter today too. I'm so proud of your accomplishments!

  3. The books look fabulous! What a great family connection, writing must definitely be in your blood!!

    1. Only time will tell :-) Thanks for your kind comment.

  4. Bryn,

    I would never have thought that you were just beginning your blogging adventure! Well done! And have I told you lately how much I love those pumpkins? LOL!

    Let me take this opportunity to ask a favour. Please do all you can to have Christina link up to this party! The more the merrier!

    Thanks for linking up! It's been great learning about your very talented family! You have quite the pedigree behind you!


    1. I've never heard that you loved my pumpkins, like ever ;-) Can't wait to read the other posts!

    2. Thank you dear Bryn for sharing our book Residential School, With the Words and Images of Survivors, a National History (all ages), and As Long as the Rivers Flow. For more on award-winning Cree author Larry Loyie's much-loved children's books, go to:

    3. Love you guys! Thank you for being so inspirational! Can't wait to see you this summer. xo Bryn

  5. Thanks for sharing your blogging story, Bryn! I agree with Monica! Your pumpkins are super cute!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  6. Well Bryn, you would never know that your blog was a hot mess---cause it is MEGA gorgeous!! I'm in love with it :D Beautiful! You sure do have the writing gene in your family! Very impressive :) Blogging for me sometimes goes on the back burner, hopefully this summer I can take more time to thoughtfully blog (sometimes I feel like it's just word vomit lol---mine not anyone else!!).

    Wishing you a fantastic summer!
    -Momma with a Teaching Mission