Saturday, July 26, 2014

HI-YAH Add and Subtract Single Digits like a Judo Master and a HOT SUMMER GIVEAWAY

My little one was at his first ever day camp this week. I was a bit nervous to let him go but he loved it! And while he was having fun making new friends, I was sitting at my computer at Camp TPT all week. No, do not contact TPT asking to participate...Paul would not be impressed with me. I invented my own camp because that's how I like to roll. I managed to finish up 2 products that have been long in the making.

Introducing Add Single Digits like a Judo Master

and Subtract Single Digits like a Judo Master

I was hoping for more but happy with what was accomplished. Baby steps, baby steps.

These units are so much fun to do! My students loved the concept of moving through belt levels.

The units include:
*Common Core Standards & Ontario Curriculum Expectations
*2 different Judoka (aka a Judo student) unit cover pages
*2 belt level tracking sheets (USA & Canadian spelling)
*10 single digit addition or subtraction belt worksheets (one page for each number from 0-9, 20 different addition/subtraction facts and “Words of Wisdom” taken from Judo values on each page)
*9 “Battle of the Belts” review worksheets (two different belt levels are combined on each page)
*9 Single Digit Addition or Subtraction Belt Posters for a bulletin board display
*Answer sheets

On another note, I'm so happy to be a part of this week's NC Teacher Chic's HOT Summer Giveaway!
Starting tomorrow, you've got a chance of winning one of 2 gift cards a week from either TPT or Target. Seriously my 2 favourite places to shop. I can't wait to head to Target soon for deals on glue and markers. I always stock up for my class even though my students bring supplies in. You can never have enough glue or red markers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and make sure to enjoy your last few day off!


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